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Tailor-made investment advisory services provided for HNW individuals, qualified and professional investors while taking their risk profiles, investment preferences and financial conditions into consideration. DAHA Investment Advisory & Brokerage Services provides following product and services to its customers:

  • Investment advisory services in organized and over-the-counter markets.
  • Brokerage services for equities from different sectors and futures and options traded in the Istanbul Stock Exchange.
  • Customized investment strategies with structured products (YBA)
  • Fixed income, capital-protected, real estate, Eurobond or stocks focused mutual funds
  • Brokerage and advisory services for over-the-counter derivative products
  • Brokerage services for leveraged products(FX) and contracts for differences (CFD)
  • Brokerage and advisory services for treasury bills and bonds, private sector bonds and Eurobonds
  • Portfolio management operations
  • Institutional risk management and hedging
  • Intermediation for public offerings
  • Discretionary portfolio and financial management

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